Why Separate Layers?

I’ve recently begun delving into more advanced web development technologies and platforms. I’ve found a number of very good courses on Udemy.com. Not knowing any AJAX or JSon, and wanting to beef up my skill in PHP and MySQL, I opted for a full course entitled “Web Developer from Scratch” which covers all these, basic HTML and JavaScript topics, and some HTML5 and CSS3 coursework, too. I’m able to contribute answers to questions that others have. Here’s one I’m proud of: Question: I still dont get what the reason is for the ID attribute?…[S]o wouldn’t [it] be better just to…
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New Projects Under Consideration

I’ve wrapped up my latest contract at Amazon. As much as I like having a job, a career, with a company, heck I usually like going to work. But, sometimes my job offers are far between. I’ve been thinking, recently, about hanging my own shingle(s). I don’t know if my future success and happiness lies with trying to get job after job after job. I’m working with a couple who’ve developed a (what seems to be) medically and proven cognitive program for youngsters with autism. I’m helping them get their web presence started. They’re fantastic folks, great clients, and (among…
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Wool the graphic novel

The very last week of my 11 month contract at Amazon, what came through the door made me very excited:  Wool The Graphic Novel. This is the adaptation of the blockbuster seller serial novel, Wool, to graphic novel, under the Amazon imprint Jet City Comics. I got to work on the 8 page sample to show Jet City Comics how good the book could look on the Kindle.  Amazon is now accepting pre-orders for Wool the graphic novel’s November 12, 2013 release. It is to be a graphic novel serial, anticipated in 6 parts. Kindle Serials are stories published in episodes,…
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Membership Plug-Ins for WordPress

One task I’ve been asked to do for my new freelance client is to integrate a membership / protected content plug-in for their site. My initial research has returned a few candidates. Membership by WPMUdev WP-Members by RocketGeek PaidMembershipPro by Stranger Studios instaMember by Suzanna Theresia For their purposes, I believe we’re going to implement Membership plug-in. instaMember has a $47 pricetag (for a single website, $97 for unlimited website installation.) Fair, perfectly, but the less talking into paid solutions to my client, the better for me. PaidMembershipPro had a major flaw, in that new users had to go through a payment portal or a pay-by-check…
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Pixel-perfect standard on the Kindle

There’s a new line of Kindle books coming out for the Mexican market. This did not pass QA.                     This did.                     What’s the difference? See in the first picture, how the right side of Gaturro’s mouth is just about to touch the right window border? Yeah. Not good. Had to adjust the width of this popup two pixels. Two pixels.

List of Certifications WGU IT

CIW Web Foundations Associate Done CIW Web Design Specialist Done CIW JavaScript Specialist Done CompTIA A+ Done CompTIA Network+ Done CompTIA Project+ Done Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Database Admin Fundamentals Done Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Windows OS Fundamentals  Done Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Web Development Fundamentals Done Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Networking Fundamentals  Done CompTIA Security+ CIW Database Design Specialist Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Windows Server Admin Fundamentals Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Software Development Fundamentals

Accomplishments? Blog’em!

Well, here’s something that hit me: Use your blog to keep track of successes, accomplishments, lessons-learned, etc. when they happen. I’m not one to remember all the great things I’ve done at work, when it comes to job interviews, and I’ve struggled to remember them. So, from now on, I’m going to document them here! What, you already do that? Thanks for telling me.

Kindle Publishing

I work a contract at Amazon in Seattle, with the Kindle publishing section. Based on my previous experience at Ascentium producing graphic novels, I’m familiar with the whacky publishing template Amazon uses for its ebooks. And in my two-months-plus time there, I’ve learned a heck of a lot more. Most recently, how to alter the flow and layout of a book depending on its orientation. Oriented specifically, that is, depending on the direction the user is holding their Kindle – Portrait or Landscape. Reflowable books are those that allow the user to change the font settings on their device. Reflowable…
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CIW Web Foundations Associate Certificate earned

CIW Web Foundations Associate Certificate Earned On Saturday December 15, 2012, I passed the assessment and earned my Web Foundations Associate certificate through Certification Partners! The certificate is the first of fifteen that I’ll earn in my progress towards my BS in Information Technology through WGU (Western Governors University.) This particular exam tests on fundamental knowledge and skills in Site Development, Internet Business, and Computer Networks. It is a culmination of CIW’s curriculum of Site Development Associate course, Internet Business Associate course, and Network Technology Associate course. Thanks to my experience in web building, the Site Development and Internet Business modules were…
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